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Earth’s Top 7 Deadliest Creatures

The deadliest animal isn’t even a shark or a tiger… 

7. The Ascaris roundworms
Leads to an infection called ascariasis that kills an estimated 4,500 people a year. 

6. Tsetse flies
With an estimate of 10,000 deaths annually the flies pass on a parasitic infection leading to serious neurological problems and death. 

5. The assassin bug
Also called the kissing bug, is responsible for carrying Chagas disease, which kills 12,000 people yearly. 

4. Freshwater snails
20,000 deaths a year, it carries parasitic worms that infects people and causes intense abdominal pain. 

3. Dogs
35,000 deaths a year, due to the disease some of them carry called Rabies. 

2. Snakes
Their venomous bites kill roughly around 100,000 in year. 

1. Mosquitoes
A harsh 750,000 people a year die of various mosquito-borne diseases such as Malaria and Dengue Fever.

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